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U.S. Patent Issued #9855054 | Nose T is manufactured from US FDA Approved Materials.



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What People Are Saying About The Nose T.

I received mine a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical but needed to buy some to try since I have nosebleeds quite often. Had a nose bleed before Christmas, tried it, and my nose stopped bleeding in less than 5 seconds! THIS THING IS AMAZING!

Johnny H.

"It had been months since I had a nose bleed. Woke up twice during the night with my nose bleeding recently. Both stopped in less than a minute using your device." 

L. R.

"A guy at work had a nose bleed while we were working. I handed him a Nose T and his nose stopped bleeding in seconds. He said he'd buy a 1000 if he could since his nose bled often."

C. S.

I’ve had nose bleeds for years and never seen anything like this. Wish I these were available when I was a kid! 

G. T.

This thing is Amazing! It’s helped my grandson.

Rose B.

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