The Story Behind the Invention

Anthony D. StCyr, Inventor of Our Nosebleed Control Device

Inventor Anthony StCyr of Atlanta, GA has created a Patented Device (Patent #9855054) that literally stops nose bleeds in a matter of seconds.

As a frequent nose bleed sufferer, Mr. StCyr tried many different ways to get his nose bleeds to stop! When he finally discovered that putting pressure to the blood vessels behind his upper lip and against the gum in a particular manner stopped the bleeding, he developed the Nose T. Now, because of his discovery many nose bleed sufferers across the globe can find relief in seconds from annoying and embarrassing nose bleeds!

This clever new invention gets inserted above a user’s top gum and behind the upper lip. When the top lip is curled over the Nose T it produces pressure against the blood vessels beneath the nose to reduce blood flow and allow the blood to clot naturally. The Nose T is a smart alternative to using unsanitary and ineffective methods such as holding the head down or back, squeezing the nostrils together, applying ice, etc., because it works in seconds!

This product is a must for those who have random nose bleeds and will be especially beneficial for those who suffer from recurrent nose bleeds. The Nose T is also a must for hikers, athletes, and others who are always on-the-go!

In 10 years of Field Tests and Product Demonstrations on our patients, The Nose T never failed to stop an Arterial nose bleed which are mostly caused by dust, trauma, pollen, picking, dryness, etc., in what's refereed to by doctors as the Littles Area. However, we have discovered that less than 5% of Nose Bleeds are Posterior Nose Bleeds which may be caused by brain bleeds or other factors in the rear area of the skull. The Nose T may not be effective on these types of nose bleeds since blood flow is not coming from the Septal Artery in the Littles Area, If you experience a nose bleed that the Nose T does not stop we suggest that you seek medical attention As Soon As Possible. But since nearly 90% of nose bleeds are of the Arterial type make sure you have plenty of Nose T's available for when these types of nose bleeds occur.

Return Policy/Guarantee. If you only experience the rare posterior nose bleeds and you would like a refund, return the unused Nose T's along with a copy of your order form or receipt and we will give you a refund less a 30% Restocking fee. That’s how sure we are that this wellness device will work!

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